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  Xian Sheng Dekang orthopedic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2014, the company is located in the town of Chang'an District of Xi'an calf Ming Industrial Park. The company is committed to provide our guests with disabilities services to provide appropriate orthopedic products.The company's orthopedic products and orthopedic equipment designed to meet the individual needs of users, disabled rehabilitation, the whole new meaning for disabled friends.

  The company has production sites in Chang'an District Ming calf town industrial park, to provide customers with safe, comfortable, and clean production environment.

  The Company will: advanced equipment, excellent quality, comfortable environment for our friends to provide meticulous service.

电话:029-61858007 13891431861 厂址:西安市长安区鸣犊镇工业园区<网站备案/许可证号:陕ICP备14011019号-1